Table of Contents

i Forward by the Honorable Michael H. Honda, US Congress, 15th District of California

ii About the Teachers Guide and the Resource Lists

1 The Issei Farmers of Santa Clara County

2 Japanese American Women

3 World War II: Evacuation and Life in Camp

4 Japanese Americans in the Military

5 The Draft Resistance

6 Leaving the Camps

7 I Wanted to be a Baseball Player: The Japanese Fishermen of Monterey Bay

8 The Japanese American Community of the Monterey Peninsula

9 Post-war Resettlement: The Santa Clara, Salinas, and Pajaro Valleys, and the Central Coast Region

10 The 1960s and 1970s: Social and Community Change in San Jose's Japanese American Community

11 The Movement for Redress and Reparations

12 San Jose's Japanese American Community Today

Glossary of Terms

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